bogey golf.

so it turns out i’m actually pretty good at golf. danny is still in shock but kind of excited that we can play together. only my second time playing a full round (first time at the very end of this post) and i didn’t miss the ball once and actually landed on the green from the tee box a handful of time. whoop!

sunday morning’s weather was gorgeous and camelback mountain provided the perfect backdrop for 18 holes. it was really fun having my dad, little brother and hubby all together and all to myself for the weekend.

 {always a rule breaker – i didn’t follow the “collared shirt” rule}

 {camelback mountain. so pretty. too bad there’s something on my lens}
{my dad showing us the putting way}

 {um, danny… why are you in the sand trap (again)?}

{enjoying my wonderful bahama breeze golf course cocktail}


  • Reply November 7, 2011

    Nicole Marie

    you are such a cute golfer! i hate golfing. i’m so bad at it. but i really like driving the gold cart!

  • Reply November 7, 2011

    Teri B.

    thanks, nicole! i know how you feel. this was an executive course and it’s all i can handle. the cart driving and daytime cocktails make golf fun :)

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