getting my bake on.

as mentioned here, one of my goals this fall is to be more open minded about pumpkin flavored things.
so last night i whipped up two loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread.
not much of a baker (remember this post), it’s always a crap shoot whether or not my baked goods will turn out.
i’m happy to report that i accomplished two goals last night.
1) i gave pumpkin a shot and liked it.
2) i didn’t destroy the bread and my baking confidence is rising. in fact ting saw it and said, “wow, this looks totally normal. nice work, babe.”
why thank you, sir.
lucky for my office, danny’s in the “i don’t like pumpkin” camp and i can’t eat all that bread myself.
don’t you wish you were here to share with me?
{i used this recipe}

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