lash love.

danny and i are always laughing at certain commercials… mascara, razors, paper towels… i mean, how could these things possibly be getting that much better. Razors with 18 blades and mascara that makes your lashes 20 times longer and paper towels that absorb the water of a kiddie pool. come on! we laugh each time.

i like to think i don’t fall for all the advertising, but i am pretty picky when it comes to mascara and agree there is a difference. it’s either to clumpy, flakes throughout the day and gives me black under eyes, is a pain in the rear to wash off, etc. well, i recently took a recommendation from this blog and three tubes later – i’m hooked. ladies, i’d like to introduce you to l’oreal paris telescopic mascara (less than $10 at any drugstore).

the applicator is a little funky but makes sense. it brushes the mascara on, lengthens and you’re clump free. i’m totally hooked. the one thing i notice is that face wash doesn’t remove it all the way – you’ll def need to use eye makeup remover.

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