we decided to drive out to california (vs. fly) this thanksgiving so huntie could come along.
i got shotgun on the way to san diego. ting got it on the way back home to phoenix. fair. 
our driving styles are totally different.
ting likes to crank the music up and cruise. or, play 21 questions
i prefer to chat or listen to an audiobook* (new to this trip). oh, and snack. danny had to take the tub of chex mix off my lap before i polished off the whole thing. 
*dog lovers have told me about the book the art of racing in the rain so when my girlfriend recently talked about it on her blog it prompted me to buy the audiobook for our roadtrip. thanks, shmiz! i’m loving it. 


  • Reply November 29, 2011

    Erica Newton

    YAY!! I love this post for so many reasons… first-Im so glad you downloaded the book- you’ll love it. Second- sorry, Danny- I think I am more of a Teri-style driver.. snacks, audiobook, and lots of chatting in between! Although a good loud CD is always fun on the way to festivals..
    This post makes me wanna take a road trip- chex mix and all. Huntie- meet Dyllan.. potty stops and lots of back seat attention!

  • Reply November 29, 2011

    Teri B.

    shmiz! i’m LOVING the book. i lie in bed with headphones on to listen to it and sat in my parking garage a few extra minutes this morning to finish a chapter. its SO good. i can see why you and your mom liked it. tons of mercer island mentions! so fun. miss you!

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