simple pleasures.

donuts. coffee. sweatpants. sunday morning on the patio. cuddling a frenchie. 
i love donuts. danny not so much, but i do love them. i’m convinced that people who claim they don’t like donuts are actually just scared of them and all their calories so the convince themselves they “don’t like them.” what’s not to like? fried dough smothered in sugar? yum. 
we’ve heard lots of buzz about bosa donuts and decided to give them a whirl. two thumbs up.


  • Reply November 29, 2011


    PW confessed a few weeks ago that when he leaves for work before 6am (which is like 3 days a week) he rewards himself with Bosa doughnuts! We’re a little obsessed around here…try the maple and make fresh bacon to eat with it. It’s heaven!

  • Reply November 29, 2011

    Teri B.

    yum! i looove maple bars but they were out. we were a little late to the donut shop on sunday morning so i’ll have to try them next time. so good!

  • Reply November 30, 2011

    Erica Newton

    This brings me back to the fatty days of high school- when Sean and I used to get 2 doughnuts (1 maple bar and one chocolate cream filled) each- on our way to school. I miss it- and until now- I forgot how much I, too, love a good doughnut. I think a persons favorite doughnut says a lot about them, actually. I always wished I was an old fashioned doughnut kinda girl- cause really- they taste so good- but the reason they didn’t get picked was simply because the maple bars were bigger. My dad was a apple fritter guy.. i like those- but I would NEVER pick them out of the bunch.. nor would I choose the sprinkle one.. anyway- now you know my doughnut history and preferences. Sounds like a fantastic Sunday morning.

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