box play for kids.

sometimes kids really do love the box more than the toy, huh? well, enter box play for kids. uber creative friends of ours have turned that notion into a hip & modern idea. they’ve designed eco-friendly stickers that turn standard size boxes and cardboard things that parents have around their home – like toilet paper rolls, milk & egg cartons, cereal & macaroni and cheese boxes, tissue & shoe boxes – into toys. ah-mazing!

i just bought a bunch of sticker kits for my niece jayden. i think my personal favorites are the tissue box turned lucky kitty coin bank (too cute) and the “garage” egg carton to hold little boys toy cars (great idea). a lot of them incorporate learning letters, colors & numbers, too. check them out at oh, and look at the press. even DailyCandy thinks they rule! totally great stocking stuffers… just sayin’.


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