holiday card bursting with love.

I absolutely love getting holiday cards in the mail. The holiday season makes checking the mail much more fun. I tend not to play favorites with holiday greetings (although I do love the photocards and have been pleasantly surprised to see most of our friends & family are on board), but I think this card takes the cake this year. Why? Because one of my dearest friends is announcing she’s got a BABY on the way! How sweet and fun is it to share the news with friends and family over the holidays? I just absolutely love it.

There’s something so surreal about your friends having babies and I don’t think the shock and excitement of a girlfriend spilling the beans to you will ever fade. I imagine it will always be that same swirl of a million questions for her (because when its your girlfriend you can ask all the nitty gritty TMI questions) and that feeling in your stomach and heart when it swells with excitement and nerves for her.

congratulations carl & jerm. you’re going to be absolutely wonderful parents.

p.s. this now marks four* of our friends having babies in late may/june. it’s gonna be a summer of baby love.
*carlye & jeremy, luke & julie, dan & betsy and jason & kim! congrats to you all!


  • Reply December 21, 2011


    My eyes just filled up with HAPPY tears reading this sweet blog post! Thank you T for being so incredibly supportive! Your friendship means the world. And I can’t lie – I love making the Tings blog :)

  • Reply December 21, 2011


    Awww such a great idea! I will definitely be keeping this in mind whenever I fill my womb with my own little babe!

    Thanks for sharing :)


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