it only took eleven years…

but lacey jaye & the chad are engaged!
(her words, not mine!)
lacey jaye, my dear lifelong friend and her chad are officially fiances! after eleven years together which have included a whole lotta love, a french bulldog daughter and the recent purchase of a beautiful home, chad popped the question and lacey jaye said yes! the proposal was picture perfect and a total surprise… he got on bended knee on an insanely gorgeous beach in big sur, california. we couldn’t be more excited for the happy couple.
when i saw a missed call from lacey, i just had a feeling. the kind girlfriends have when they know something exciting is up. i looked at danny and said, “i think lacey jaye is engaged.” and she was… talking a million miles a minute and seriously glowing through the phone. the excitement you feel for your girlfriend’s big news will never fade. it never gets old and i feel like it’s me all over again. i can’t stop smiling, looking at her photos or telling danny all the details she shared. 
{the beach where it happened}

{a photo chad took of lacey right before he asked her. she had no idea what was coming}
{hiking the next day as fiances}

{their footprints in the sand… walking towards their future married life together!}
lacey jaye, i love you & our friendship more than you’ll ever know. 
to think we’ve gone from Roxy surfer obsessed tweens to brides… wow
you’re going to be stunning. 
congratulations & tons of love to you, the chad & little leila! 
(hooray! her mommy & daddy are gettin’ hitched!)


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