keeping creative.

i was recently asked “do you consider yourself creative?” it was harder to answer than you’d think. well, sure. i’d say i’m creative, but compared to what? working in the advertising industry i’d never dare say i’m “a creative,” but couldn’t you argue that everyone is creative in some way or another? over the past month, i’ve been playing the part of a lady of leisure yet have made it a point to stay busy and keep the creative juices flowing. i’ve looked at this list quite a bit for inspiration…
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speaking of lists, to keep me on track i created a list of all the things i wanted to get done during my break from the old 9-5 lifestyle. things that just never seem to get done when you’re working all day and cramming the rest of your life into the weekends. things like… clean out the bedside tables & closet, try a new class at the gym and XXXX. and then there are those fun things like blog all day at a coffee shop, lay in the afternoon sun and read a book and finish all photo album projects. it’s such a freeing feeling to be able to do anything I want to do all day long. Ahhhhh. 

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