makaela’s first christmas eve

danny’s sister and brother-in-law hosted both of their families for makaela’s first christmas eve. at almost 10-months old, she was surprisingly super into the holiday tearing into gifts and excitedly playing with her new toys. she’s standing up on her own but hasn’t quite taken that first step yet – it’ll be soon though. the best part was watching her zoom around the living room with her new walking toy – laughing all the way.

we had appetizers, cocktails, desserts and enjoyed the company of two families while we watched the newest member take it all in. it was a wonderful christmas eve.

{sweet little henry}
{santa baby’s little tutu}

{the little scraps of wrapping paper were almost as exciting as the toys themselves}
{she really loved this musical learning toy}

{could she be any sweeter? her profile looks just like tricia’s baby pictures}
{danny having some fun with makaela’s elf on the shelf}

{mommy and baby girl}

{earl and his parents}

{just look at those legs. don’t you want to just squeeeeeze them?}

{happy family on baby’s first christmas}

{i’m kinda in love with this photo}

{the originals}

{makaela’s grandpas in the holly jolly spirit}

{vicky and her daughters}

{makaela loved this toy and was entertaining us all night by flying around with it}

{so sad this picture is blurry. she’d start smiling so big when she saw herself in the mirror with her new hat}

{standing up all on her own. just no steps yet}

{makaela’s new beanie from aunt teri. could she be any more precious?}


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