me, d and our tree.

saturday was the perfect day to find this year’s christmas tree. it was a freezing phoenix day (it even hailed) so we bundled up, grabbed our umbrellas and hit the tree lot. it didn’t take us long to find the one. the wait for trimming and wrapping was over and hour, so we took the our 7-foot noble fir as is, loaded her onto the mini and cruised home where danny handled sawing & trimming. unlike years past, this year’s tree set-up was quite the comedy show.  the classic wife not being much help and the husband getting super frustrated with the tree stand. i was laughing so hard that i started crying. oh poor husbands. how they must have a love hate relationship with the holidays and all their tasks that come along with them. 
me: unwrap this tree. slam it. shake it out, please. wait, can you turn it left one more time. okay, now you look. what do you think? is that a bald spot?
him: i don’t care. yes, it looks great. you honestly want to see another one?

my new leggings scream happy holidays and i love them for it.

{see us in the car? that’s the moonroof with our tree on top}

very cold. but very happy.

 huntie could tell by dad’s mood to just stay out of the way.


  • Reply December 5, 2011

    Nicole Marie

    it’s perfect!!

  • Reply December 5, 2011


    I am dying laughing because this is TOTALLY Jer and me. To make matters worse, Jer doesn’t appreciate the CHRISTMAS tree nearly as much as I do (if you get what I am saying). So the “turn to the left, wait, what about this one?” wears on his patience VERY quickly! Once in the stand (which is 100% him, me just holding the trunk and stepping back for a look about 10 times), I am left to decorate alone. which at that point, is totally fine by me. Ha!

  • Reply December 5, 2011

    Teri B.

    hi girls! thanks.

    Car- I hear you loud and clear on Jerm. Oh boy. The poor guys. But that’s why we love them. So patient with our (annoying) perfectionist ways. Lately, my dwelling has been in full force and I think Ting is ready to kill me.

  • Reply December 16, 2011

    hilary Kobernik

    Where are those leggings from?! I love the festiveness of them!

  • Reply December 16, 2011

    Teri B.

    Hilary – they’re from H&M. Seriously like $5.95 – go get them!

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