merry & bright :: retro style.

holy moly it’s december 1.
and i love that our holiday decor is already up. even the lights. all we need is the tree.
after the movie we went to see on sunday evening was sold out, i got a smile on my face and asked ting if he’d be willing to hang the outside lights instead. fine, he said. let’s do this.
we pulled out the bin of christmas lights and much to our dismay both of our 50-foot contractor grade strands of white twinkle lights were half out (despite the package claiming “one burnt bulb will not take down the whole strand” – wrong!) we started to mess with each little bulb on 100-feet of lights when i stopped the madness since you could actually see ting’s blood pressure rising.
so, i suggested we head to ace hardware and swap the lights. fine, he said again.
why can’t anything be easy? scrooge said.
i sat with huntie in the car while he ran into the store. when he came back, he dropped our new lights on my lap. colored lights. ha. retro, i like it. and so, we now have multi-colored christmas lights.
it’s festive & fun. we dig it.
{messing with the old white lights}
{up go the new bright lights. ting on the ladder. me on the ground}

how funny that my girlfriend also opted for multicolored lights this year! her blog here.

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