cruising the british virgin islands.

the eight of us chartered a private 35′-foot boat and hired a captain to take us around the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) for a day. it was one of the best decisions we made on the trip. our excursion started with a snorkeling stop for the boys while us girls chatted and got the cooler situated & tunes going (turkey sandwiches, anyone?). 
{up bright and early and hitting the seas}

{our first stop was to let the boys do some snorkeling}

{matchy matchy… green & coral}

the first island we stopped at was Jost (pronounced Yost), to get our passports stamped. Jost “barefoot island” is the smallest of the main BVIs at approximately 3-square miles, has a population of 200 and boasts having 25 bars. awesome. 
{first stop – the island of Jost, BVI}
{Jost population: 200 // Number of Bars: 25}
{heading onto Jost… beers in hand}
{Danny & Dewey on Jost}
{exploring the little island}
{the Jost Van Dyke police station}
{danny and dewey}
{rasta thomas wasn’t in quite yet… it was only like 9:30 a.m.}
next up… jenny’s favorite island. a super tiny island with some shrubs and a single palm tree in the middle. kevin, our captain, anchored the boat and we had to jump off and swim up on to shore. this was a big feat for colbs who is deathly afraid of sharks. such a neat feeling to be on such a small island.
{ting taking his time getting to the island. enjoying the water}
{matt… this eye candy is all yours}
{the eight island hoppers}
and then we asked our captain to take us somewhere off the beaten path, so we docked and hiked about 15-minutes through an island to get to “bubbly beach” a private little lagoon. 
{“Bubbly Beach” … so we brought champagne to drink. Obviously.}
{private little lagoon}
{jake never made it to Bubbly Beach}
{the moment ting outted me and my keens}
{love these girls}
{our hike from Bubbly Beach back to the boat}
{jake and danny dancin’ down the dock}
{off to the next island!}
pulling up to the other side of Jost… “White Bay” and the famous Soggy Dollar Bar where the Island’s “Painkiller” drink was created. hands down the prettiest water we saw… you could see pebbles on the bottom of the ocean floor. this was another spot where your boat anchored and you had to jump off and swim. i kept jumping off the boat into the water because i loved it that much.
{pulling onto the north side of Jost island, home of the Soggy Dollar Bar}
{ready to explore}
{the most gorgeous water ever}
{ting helping Captain Kevin anchor the boat}
{ocean dance party for jenny and teri}
{happy island hopper (especially after a couple of 8-Rum cocktails)}
{the infamous lightning bolt sunburn}
{“yacht” dance party}
{swimming to Soggy Dollar Bar – love Colby’s face. we’re so proud of you}
{could this island be any more picture perfect?}
and then it was time to leave the BVI’s behind… just as an intense rainstorm hit. the ride back to St. Thomas was crazy. miserable to some, a roller coaster ride to others.
{drowned rats.}
{preparing for haircuts}


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