faux beef with real beef cakes.

we (especially my ting) are so excited that our dear dan has landed a new job that requires him to be in phoenix one week every month! it’s like friendship heaven to have one of our favorites back in town on a regular basis.

the best part is that dan and danny’s office buildings are across the street from each other, so it’s uber convenient to get together. the boys “came home” from work last night and the three of us had faux beef taco salad. i was a little nervous considering it was our first time trying this vegan beef (we got this one from Trader Joes), but all three of us gave it two thumbs up. for the dressing, i mixed a spoonful of fat-free sour cream with this guilt-free dressing and stirred in some chili pepper, lemon & lime juice and cumin powder to taste. delicious. our splurge was mexican cotija white cheese. yum.

i find that taco salad is the perfect meal for a casual night with friends. first of all, its pretty & colorful, but more importantly as the host it’s nice to chop and prepare everything in advance so you can spend your time socializing. plus, it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser since your guests get to create their own salads with the fixings of their choice.

{the boys having a blast looking through old college photos on dan’s phone. wow.}
{hot damn! i mean, dan! dan’s photo from the year he officially made the UA greek calendar! }


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