saturday night lock-in.

we must still be in relaxation mode after our weeklong vacation because neither of us felt much like going out this weekend. well, i guess that isn’t entirely true. on friday night, danny met me after work for drinks at “my office” aka lux coffeeshop before going to dinner at the locally famous barrio cafe (yum). but it was one of those nights when you get home from dinner and instantly want PJs and your bed. 
so last night we stayed in. we picked up some beers, made delicious spicy buffalo “chicken” ranch wraps (we love the faux chicken morning star nuggets), baked fries and finally watched moneyball (good flick – watch it). unlike last year, we haven’t seen the majority of this year’s oscar nominated movies so we’re catching up before february 26 (which happily means many more of these types of nights in our near future).

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