a valentine’s day like no other.

danny’s not into valentine’s day. he typically plays along, but things stay pretty low key (this is not a complaint, our life is filled with regular date nights, flowers around the house and holding hands year round), but this year danny caught the love bug and blew me away. in the ten years we’ve been together, he’s never done anything like this.

the night before, danny came home with two bunches of flowers and the ingredients for strawberry shortcake (which i’ve been craving). cute. i was expecting dinner the next night and that’d be that… wrong!

ting woke me up bright and early on v-day with an iced coffee delivery to the bed along with a card. inside the card i found a homemade itinerary for an “all about you [me]” day complete with gift cards and cash for each activity. my day started at LGO for breakfast with danny before he was headed to work. from there, the itinerary instructed me to go to the mall and use my entire (generous) H&M gift card. when i was done shopping, i headed to the Camelback Inn spa for my pre-scheduled massage appointment, lunch, cocktails and relaxation. see more of the itinerary in the photo below.

i’d never felt so loved and pampered. thinking about the time he spent putting together the itinerary, getting a gift card and making my spa appointment made my heart swell. i was so overwhelmed that i felt incredibly guilty and when called to tell him it was too much he just said, “oh stop. i love you and you deserve all of this. enjoy it.”

it was a dream day for any girl and i absolutely felt loved on valentine’s day. love you, babe. you rule.

{my itinerary, card & gift card}
{flowers from ting and one of my cards for him… those are my ombre lips}
{danny requested confetti cupcakes. me and my non-baker skills at work}

{cupcakes with gold glittery sparkles on heart doilies ready for danny} 

{my view of camelback mountain from the spa. gloomy day was perfect for lounging, reading & hot tubs}
{out to dinner with my love}


  • Reply February 16, 2012

    Nicole Marie

    you guys are so freaking cute. and how sweet of him to put in so much effort

  • Reply February 16, 2012


    I am so happy you two decided to give this relationship a whirl, back in the T-town days. You two are perfect for one another, best friends, and he is very lucky to have you by his side. Way to go, Ricardo!

  • Reply February 24, 2012

    Erica Newton

    Aw, that is the most thoughtful Valentines Day ever! Nice work Danny!

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