arizona boys reunion in florida.

over the president’s day holiday weekend, we flew out to ft. lauderdale, florida for a four-day reunion with danny’s college buddies. dan & tiffany graciously hosted the whole clan at their home — me & danny, darren & meg, dan c., scott, jared and of course jason and kim. the 11 of us haven’t been together since mine and danny’s wedding more than two years ago, so it was great fun to spend a long weekend together in the perfect florida winter weather. we did lots of swimming, eating, drinking, game playing, beach time, catching up, reminiscing and we celebrated dan l.’s (there are so many dans) 30th in-style at his fabulous party along with the lovitz’ florida friends & family!
there are a lot of photos, so i’ve grouped them by event.. 
first was dinner and drinks at The Office in Del Ray Beach followed by some serious dancing out on the town (oh, and toilet-papering). we spent a lot of in Del Ray Beach which is a super cute coastal town with great shops, restaurants and bars.
{our wonderful weekend hosts}
{me and the one-and-only scott coffey}
{the hauns! soon to be a family of three}
{dance club del rey}
{VIP booth}
Florida’s warm February weather was perfect for enjoying Dan & Tiffany’s awesome resort-style backyard. Lots of laying out, swimming and beer pong.
{luna and ruby loved the splash pad}
{blendin’ the margs}
{team D}
{little dottie avoiding the pool and laying out with the girls}
{nice form, dan. i mean danielle.}
{the az boys}
{and their wives… and baby on the way!}
{of course the boys had to drum up a little friendly competition on the court}
{aiiiiiiir baaaaaaall}
on saturday night, tiffany hosted a wonderful 30th birthday party for dan at their home. it started with an awesome slideshow of photos… a decade of memories. 
{captivated by the slideshow}
{a wonderful group of men. hard to believe it’s been a decade}
{lookin’ good lovitz}
{the boys who know me best}
{darren and the doctor. the awesome fred, dan’s dad… can’t ya tell?}
{did someone say cocktail party?}
{great party}
{such a cute cake! little baby dan is all grown up}
{meg jumped right into the weekend and the group}
{and then, the dance party started…}
{and of course the classy birthday party ended with a night swim for everyone.}
we spent monday’s holiday at Del Ray Beach. dan c.’s rented convertible stang was the perfect ride – especially on the way home.
{cover-up twins. meg has great taste. you may recognize that cover-up from this beach trip}
{frenchie sighting}
{cruisin’… top down… tunes blasting}
the trip ended with a legit italian home-cooked meal at dan’s dad’s house followed by a good old fashioned game night of puns and charades.

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