bracelet making machine.

this time last year i started making friendship bracelets again (again, as in since i used to in the sixth grade). i made bunches of them to wear and give out to friends, but the only problem was that sometimes adults just shouldn’t have a wrist full of knotted thread… like in the client’s boardroom, at a job interview or as a bridesmaid in your friend’s wedding. 
so, i got inspired and creative and over the past few months i’ve been making them with chains and clasps. a chicer, more adult version of the wonderful friendship bracelet we all know and love from our past. 
it’s super simple as long as you have the right tools*. for some of the bracelets, i followed this diy tutorial that i found on pinterest (you can follow me here) and used this tutorial as a refresher on how to weave the chevron print.
*nerd alert: i recently bought this tool kit and i’m obsessed with it. i’ve been using it for all kinds of craft creations.


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    Reply February 16, 2012


    Your bracelets look great! I love your color choices.

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    Reply February 17, 2012

    hilary Kobernik

    love love love love!!! I want to make them now! (but, something tells me i won’t) :)

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    Reply February 22, 2012


    LOVE!!!!! T, you are so creative!

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