DIY tutorial: flower crowns.

the spring weather means festival season is right around the corner. with coachella only 50 days away, i’ve started making accessories for me and my girlfriends. i think my favorite festival accessory is the  bohemian flower crown. you can see me and my girls wearing last year’s coachella crowns in the  photos here and video here.
i’ve experimented with making them all different ways, but find this is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get the look (as long as you’re okay with the underside of your headband not being gorgeous). the options are endless and it would be really hard to mess this project up… have fun with it and good luck!

{sweet & simple… yellow braid and four daisies. pete, you love? this one’s all yours.}
{a fuller and bolder look for the flower crown queen}
{little daisies all the way around}
silk flowers: for this project, i buy all my flower bunches from the Dollar Store. they’re perfect & cheap.
suede: you can buy spools at Michaels or purchase by-the-yard at places like SAS to have more color options.


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