bearin’ down in t-town.

since february 14th, it’s been the tale of two tings and two soon-to-be quinns. darren arrived in phoenix early for a work trip, the three of us flew together out to florida for the friend’s reunion, and then meg joined us all on the flight back to phoenix for another week in the desert (they both had a work conference and extended their stay).

the biggest arizona wildcat basketball fan we know, darren wouldn’t dare consider being just two hours away from an important game and not watch it live, sooo we woke up bright and early saturday morning and road tripped to tucson. danny and i were happy to show our school spirit and participate in the campus-wide “red out,” but we skipped the game an snagged a great patio table at frog & firkin, the best place to watch a game on university blvd.

after the cats beat ucla, darren and meg joined us for a couple of beers before we took meg on a tipsy tour of the UofA. i really love that danny and i along with so many of our friends share that part of our life. being on campus means non-stop reminiscing, eating all the same things we did back then, driving down greek row and getting all nostalgic watching the current students. ahhh… i love it all. just being on campus makes us incredibly happy.

{meg traded her vanderbilt t-shirt for a more appropriate look in tucson}

{so glad i married this cat – wildcat of course}

{danny’s taste for beer has changed over the years. mine, not so much}

{university blvd. where we all learned how to back-in to parking spaces}

{entrance to our beautiful brick campus}

{ashton met up with us for a drink!}

{ashton, also a wildcat alum, and her bf}
{none other than gentle bens. ahhh, the memories. foggy, but they’re there.}

{ting enjoyin’ the game}

{i think meg was most excited to hit the patio with us (but wouldn’t dare admit that to her fiancé)}

{no anchovies! best pizza around}

{it’s a true red-out}

{decisions. decisions. to think this was a big decision back in college. no, seriously.}

{a buzzed bookstore visit}

{what up, wilbur?}

{ahhh… the mall}

{us and old main}

{sampling some of the newer spots to his university blvd. candy/yogurt/snack shop}

{the new – but i won’t dare say improved – park student union}

{coronado under serious construction}

{until next time, tucson. it was real.}

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    Love everything about this post. From the mall, to the all-reliable No Anchovies bartender… this campus just does it to me every time. Awesome. Colleen

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