DIY tutorial: clip-in hair extensions.

let’s be real. when you see a celebrity or a girl walking down the street with a long luscious mane, there’s a def a chance she’s got some help in there. don’t get me wrong, i have plenty of friends who have real manes (mentioned here), but even the Kardashians admit to wearing extensions.
it’s never been a secret that i’ve wished for super long, naturally wavy hair. oh, how i dream. in 2005 i thought i’d make my wish a reality and went for “permanent” extensions… and that’s when the hair torturing began. first flashpoint bond extensions (i’m so sorry hair) and then the toupee tape extensions (put double sided tape on your hair for six weeks, take it out and then get back to me on how your hair feels).
they all looked wonderful for the first couple weeks, but then the washing, the drying, the not washing and the tangling began. oh, and forget swimming. some people don’t mind them, but i found perma extensions to be a huge pain in the rear. after my final round of head torture, i decided to use my leftover weft of hair to make clip-in extensions. i bought the supplies, YouTube’d a how-to video and was off the hair races. it’s the best thing i’ve ever done (well, that may be an exaggeration, but not when it comes to my hair). they’re so fun and so easy!

making them is cake. if you can thread a needle, you can sew your own clip-ins. the secret’s out. i love them.

{both of my hair stylists have recommended the brand 909, it’s real hair (vs. synthetic) and super high quality. it’s about $150 for a 6-foot weft of hair that’ll last you for a couple sets of extensions)


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