frenchie freak-outs.

at home, hunter is the best dog in the world. out in public… it’s a crap shoot. the guy is on edge all. the. time. 
if we’re in the car, he freaks out when cars or people walking get too close. if we’re on a walk and there’s a leaf that blows, bird, cat or heaven forbid a dog, he goes into complete meltdown mode. he loves to play with other dogs, but when he sees them from a distance he gets soooo excited and screams. people come out of their homes to see what’s going on and shoot us looks like we’re the worst parents in the world (or beating our dog).
those of you who have watched huntie, walked with us or spent time outside our home’s four walls with my little prince have experienced the screaming frenchie and embarrassment that comes along with it. 
on a recent walk, we saw a dog so i got the camera rolling to capture some of the screams. i’m not exaggerating when i say that this is a very mild meltdown. i promise i’ll capture a full-blown freak out soon. 
so, who wants to take huntie for a walk? 
angela, nick… matt, mallary… bring back frenchie-sitting memories?


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