is it five o’clock yet? happy hour at chelsea’s kitchen.

last friday was one of those days when happy hour just couldn’t come fast enough. i think i IMed danny about happy hour around 9:30 a.m. – and he was on the exact same page. there was something in the air that had everyone antsy… probably the perfect spring weather. luckily my office typically closes up pretty early on friday, so we were able to hit an awesome patio¬†with friends for an extra long happy hour… which turned into a walk to dinner… turned… yeah, one of those nights. so awesome.
{leslie & andrew win the prize for longest happy hour… they started at 2 p.m.}
{leslie was playing photog}
{miss rachel, wedding planner extraordinaire}
{sun went down, sunnies came off and twin specs went on. embarrassing. we usually pre-plan}
{must be HAPPY hour}
{the photog was instructing kisses}
{spring has sprung}
{phoenix canal}
{leslie & andrew gettin’ their greyhound on}


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