makaela turns one.

can you believe it’s been a year since miss makaela was born? 
(her first day in the world seen here
we’ve had so much fun watching our niece grow like a weed over the past year. her favorite word is still “wow” which she uses when she thinks something is pretty. she’s a walker on the move. she looks just like her mama. she smiles on command when you tell her to “show us your teeth” which is hilarious. she still gets freaked out when uncle danny and his beard move in for a kiss too fast and loves when her auntie teri does elevator drops. she’s got a family who loves her very much and can’t wait for all the milestones to come. happy 1st birthday, little lady!

{hello kitty themed party}

{makaela’s personal cake made with love by mimz}

{it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to!}

{time for her first cake! makaela and her mama}

{make a wish}

{“happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you….”}

{happy cake monster}

{cake smashing}

{tiffany and tricia toasting to one year!}

{cake face baby reaching down to give her puppy some sweet scraps…}

{the best day of henry’s life!}

{sibling love}

{a classic bockting family photo throwback}
{present time!}
{soooo excited for all her gifts!}

{checking out her new ride-on ladybug from us}

{tired little party lady ready to crash}


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