radiohead upgrade.

when radiohead announced their tour danny and alex snatched up pre-sale tickets, but days before the show alex had to leave the country and wasn’t able to make it. soooo… ting and i went to go see radiohead last thursday night.
i’ll be honest. i don’t have much history with radiohead, the band that so many are obsessed with. their tickets sold out in seconds, they’re a hot topic in the music blogosphere and when they landed at the top of this year’s coachella bill i figured it was time i got acquainted with the band. why did i think they were super aggressive 90’s music? i have no idea. but, danny loaded up my iPod with a bunch of albums and i quickly realized that i dooooo know radiohead and love some of their songs. oh, and i was quickly put in my place on the “aggressive” when i realized they’re actually quite mellow and beautiful. don’t know if i should admit all that, but it’s the truth.

not one to miss a show, i went along with ting and am so glad i did. as we were walking up to the arena, we bumped into an old co-worker of mine who has connections to the stadium. we said our hellos and then ted ask where we were sitting – showed him our upper level tickets and he said, “here, take my executive seats. i just saw the soundcheck so i’m not gonna go.” really?? okay! thanks. his seats were lower level, right off the side of the stage on the aisle of row K. boom. upgrade.

of course we had to pay it forward, so we walked around to find someone to give our tickets too – harder than you’d think. “no, no, no… we’re not creeps trying to sell you our tickets we want to give them to you” and then people look at you strange and walk away. we ended up finding a couple guys sitting on the patio of a nearby bar who wanted to go. sheesh.

radiohead, they’re a real act. two sets of drums, guitars galore, pianos, keyboards, tons of other instruments, a lead singer with real stage presence and funky moves. good times for a thursday night. 


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