rainy day home project :: gallery wall.

we took advantage of a rare rainy day over the weekend and tackled a home project. we didn’t have plans to do this, but after a cup of coffee and some chatting about how much we hated the wall, one thing led to another and before we knew it we were in the midst of a home project.
the wall in our sitting room was tragic. it stood as a classic example of moving into a home and just filling the walls to fill them – not waiting until there was something we really liked. for so long we’ve loathed the wall, the enormous mirror and stale catalogue sconces. it didn’t feel like us at all. i’ve loved the idea of a gallery wall for some time (remember this post?), but never really took the time to assess our frames/artwork collection and see what we had – until sunday.
i went around the house, into closets, storage areas, the bedrooms and grabbed all the big frames i liked and started to arrange them on the hardwood. when we realized we had enough to work with, the fun really began.
thank goodness for perfectionist ting. there’d be 700 holes in our wall if i tried to do this – not him, one for every single frame. oh, and of course i didn’t think through the fact that we’d have to remove all the existing nails/screws, spackle plus re-paint before we could start to hang. doh! luckily he handled this. 
it took half the day, but we’re so happy with how it turned out. now we just need to print some photos and find some other prints we love.
{we’re so glad to see the frame go. you’ll enjoy your new home on craigslist.}

{it’s 11-feet wide by 4-feet high}

{you probably recognized the Instagram print from this post}
{see that sevilla feria 1946 print? i toted that thing across western europe and have had it rolled up in the closet since i lived in sevilla, spain in 2004. it’s a wrinkled mess, but i love that it’s finally up on the wall}
{how great is this watercolor painting of miss sydney? my parents enlisted a local artist to make this for us using one of our favorite photos of her.}

{it’s nightime, but we’re done! now it’s time to get some prints and photos for the frames}


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