school night show. Cults at Rhythm Room.

monday’s are definitely better when they’re simply an extension of your weekend. that was the case for us on monday (minus the work part). we hosted some of our concert lovin’ friends at our casa for cocktails and snacks before the Cults concert (wiki link). the sold out show (capacity: 250 people) was totally worth being a little slow-going on a tuesday morning. the Cults put on a great show (our friend carlyn is a dead ringer for main singer Madeline Follin) and the Rhythm Room – same venue as this show – is a Phoenix staple that never disappoints. download their album – they’ll def be around for a while.
{just your average monday night}
{carlyn, me, ang & alicia}
{alejandro and the briiiight liiiighhhttt}
{the cults laser light show thingy}
{me, the lovely alicia and aunt chilada angela}
{up close}
 {and the night ended with these from juliobertos… damn it!}


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