scottsdale date night at The Saguaro.

we recently gave Scottsdale’s newest hotel, The Saguaro, a whirl. for you locals, The Saguaro was formerly The James Hotel turned The Mondrian turned Hotel Theodore and now The Saguaro (and that’s just since I’ve been an Arizona resident).

like it’s predecessors, it’s good but there’s something missing. people, perhaps? it has the recipe for success, so we do hope locals and tourists give it a chance and pump up the vibe. the happy hour specials were good, the food & drink were tasty and the decor is a bright, funky twist on your traditional southwest decor. all positives. hopefully The Saguaro won’t fall victim to the curse of its residents of past.

After drinks at The Saguaro, we headed to one of our trusty old favorites, AZ88, for dinner.

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  • Reply March 2, 2012


    We had the same thought – it’s trying too hard and yet it’s still missing something! The food was good, just didn’t have that thing that makes a restaurant great.

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