diy bedroom makeover.

it was one of those rare – but awesome – weekends when we didn’t have anything on the calendar. not a single obligation. we woke up on saturday morning and brainstormed things to do and landed on an overdue diy project to spruce up our bedroom.

we’ve loathed our bedroom set for years. first of all, it’s a set. it was danny’s from back in the day and just didn’t suit us at all. i changed the bedside hardware to try to help it, but that bed. ugh. it was time for something new. a neutral fabric headboard + new crisp white sheets. all light, bright and hotel like.
ting did some online research (he liked this tutorial the best), made a list of supplies and we were off to the races. in just 3+ hours we tackled this project and i’m in love with our new bed. it’s a world of difference and we’re obsessed.
breakdown of our costs:
$19 — plywood cut to size (74″ x 46″) at Home Depot 
$46 — 2″ foam at Hobby Lobby (we found a 40% off coupon online)
$23 — 2.5 yards of upholstery fabric + batting 
$.60 — 20 buttons for covering in fabric
$.99 — two decorative needles + thread
= $89.59 for a Cal King tufted fabric headboard
a little less expensive than some of the ones we looked at like this and these and these.
plus, we had leftover foam which we cut up to add some fresh fluff to huntie’s bed.  
this was honestly a pretty simple DIY project that didn’t require crazy tools – just some spray adhesive, a bit drill (to make the holes for the tufting), a staple gun, needle and thread. 

{ting created a grid on the plywood to mark where our tufts would go and then drilled holes}

{spray adhesive the foam to the plywood and then batting on top to secure everything}

{ironing all the wrinkles out of our fabric}

{making fabric covered buttons. there’s a much easier way to do this, but we couldn’t find the kit anywhere}

{fabric on and ready for tufting!}

{danny would poke the needle through the holes marked in the back. i’d feed the button and send it back through}
{the finished product!}

{loving my new headboard and crisp white sheets. i feel like a queen in our new bed!}


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