down in t-town.

we made our way down to tucson this weekend for a little family time. we relaxed poolside, i read a stack of magazines & made some friendship bracelets, danny got vicky and joe’s technology upgraded, but the highlight was grandma peggy having us over for a good ‘ole comfort food feast… homemade fried chicken, creamed corn, ham, honey glazed veggies, rolls, salad and angel food cake with fruit salad for dessert. finger lickin’ good (and def not part of the coachella diet, but oh well it was tasty and i’ll dance it off). after dinner, the four of us sat on grandma’s back patio, reminisced and swapped stories. grandma’s so spunky and full of awesome stories – her memory is incredible. hope you and your family had a nice weekend. 
{my poolside view in the bockting’s backyard}

{vicky’s irises were blooming everywhere. lisa & mom – i totally thought of you both}
{gettin’ my pre-coachella tan on}

{huntie sniffin and cruising around the compound. he loves it.}

dinner time…

{grandma peggy’s vintage kitchen. this is the home joe grew up in – and not much has changed}

{not shocking… we had leftovers}

{looking at all the little wooden figurines that danny’s grandpa hand carved. so cool}

{see the whole case of them behind vicky?}

{danny’s grandpa buck and grandma peggy in their finest western wear back in the day}

{we topped off our saturday night with a pit stop at little anthony’s car show}

{DJ John was spinning all the 60’s favorites}


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