st. thomas, us virgin islands.

ahhh… hello, holiday weekend. i’m so happy you’re here. sadly, i’m totally under the weather but hoping to kick this bug to the curb so i can fully enjoy my multi-day vacay.

in year’s past, we’ve always been on an island – coronado island in san diego. not happening this year, but we’re hoping the tradition will continue again next year… hint hint soon-to-be mr. & mrs. q.

as i wind down the workday and gear up for a few days off, i can’t help but dream of a real tropical vacation.

during the computer clean-up i came across an itsy bit of footage from our trip to the virgin islands back in january. sadly it isn’t much, but i put it all together to make a tiny 2-minute video. it’s just enough to take me back to those glorious five days.

happy memorial day weekend
it’s only supposed to be in the low 90’s in phoenix.
that’s super awesome weather for us desert folks.


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