belated mother’s day celebration.

last sunday we got the fam together to celebrate the phoenix moms postino style. a sunday brunch with plenty of bruchetta, beer, wine, sangria & tammie coe cupcakes for dessert. it was miss makaela’s first visit to postino and of course she stole the show. she’s one of those babies that makes you think “hey, i could do this. this isn’t that hard.” in fact, it was danny was singing that tune while she was at our house so i decided to let him tend to her at the restaurant. don’t get me wrong, she’s soooo good, but at 15-months she’s definitely mobile and wants to cruise. after about 10-minutes of her squirming to get off danny’s lap and him having to follow her around the restaurant to keep her entertained while his beer sat on the table getting warm – his tune changed again :)
checking out the live music and bouncing along. p.s. it’s time for a hair appointment. holy roots.

 that’s the face of a squirmer dying to be released and set free. and the face of my husband “will you take her?”
 our serious little lady.
 wine glasses & sippy cups.
apparently when vicky & joe see bratty kids out in public they joke that those will be mine & danny’s kids getting into everything (rude! but yes, we will let our kids be kids and explore). well, look at this joe… your perfect angel wanting to crawl all over the table at brunch. humph.
me with tricia, the other mama in the group.
the dogg with her mini cupcakes.
$5 pitchers kept danny and i there long after everyone else left. happy sunday funday


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    Reply May 27, 2012

    Erica Newton

    SO cute! She is the cutest baby ever!! A model already. How fun does your afternoon look!

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    Reply May 30, 2012

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