miss makaela in may.

saturday night we had the fam over for greek food & playtime while makaela’s parents boogied at a wedding.
here’s what we learned…
{technology and babies mix. makaela already knows how to turn on an iPhone}
{mr. huntie needs a little extra love when there’s a baby around to be reminded we love him too}

{aunt teri & uncle danny do not have any baby friendly toys. so, a couple chunky braceletes and some plastic jars of sprinkles served as toys and fun}
{huntie is very tolerant. even when getting smacked in the face with sprinkles}

{necklaces continue to be baby magnets. “wow” = pretty in makaela’s vocabulary}

{it’s confirmed. makaela is a bockting. she loooooves Cheez-Its}
{makeala let us know about 100 times that hunter is a “dog dog” and say “woof woof”}

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