oh so trendy.

i came across a refinery29 article about the “top trends you should try before you die” and it got me thinking about how my fashion and style is constantly evolving. 

i’m a girl who’s always been guilty of following trends… aren’t we all a little bit? i guess there are those uber cool girls who are always ahead of the trends or the women who have such a unique style they’re always trendy in their own way, but i’m one of those girls who’s usually up for trying the latest trends. and why not? it’s fun and just like anything in life – change is good.
i recently told a group of girlfriends that i credit blogs with giving me a boost of confidence to try new trends.  i’m from the generation that grew up with magazines – in fact, we all were until a couple of years ago. what does that have to do with it? well, think about it. it was only once a month – just 12 times a year – that we’d get a glimpse of the season’s hottest trends that had trickled down from the runway… and who was showcasing them? models. models in the articles, models in the advertisements and beautiful people on TV. see what i mean? now we have blogs, pinterest, instagram, facebook and a slew of other social media channels giving us daily access to new trends and real people sporting the looks in their every day lives. “if she can wear that, so can i” – right? in generations past, unless you lived in nyc or a similar big city, i feel like very rarely did we see trends translated into real life. 
in the past i never felt comfortable being daring with fashion, make-up, hair or the like – especially things that weren’t “me”… but what does that even mean? i guarantee we all love different looks and styles and that’s totally okay. it’s called eclectic. there’s a part of me that love the super bohemian look, another that loves a little rocker grunge and sometimes i’m drawn to that uber preppy style. who says we have to choose one look? life’s too short not to mix it up, right? they’re clothes. it’s make-up. hairstyles – nothing permanent. sure, you’ll look back on photos at some “misses” but that’s fun.

so back to what started this whole thought… refinery29‘s “top trends to try before you die.” i’m proud to say that i’ve tried 21/29 of these trends. and a lot of them have been within the past couple years. looks like it’s time i dive into leather pants, mixing patterns (this is one i see all the time, but think danny would look at me like i had four heads if i tried to wear floral with chevron), monster plaforms, everyday sequins, wearing a fedora, an all white suit and colbs – do you have a dangerous ring i can borrow? 

what about you? what’s your trend number?

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