sunday too much funday with the bentleys.

colby & jake were in tucson last weekend to celebrate little sister ashton’s UA graduation, and since they couldn’t fathom being in az and not seeing the tings (and for this i’m so glad), they made their way to scottsdale on sunday afternoon. within minutes of their arrival, we were all poolside at the Saguaro Hotel which turned into some rowdiness at El Hefe, and then… well, there’s just something about partying with those bentleys :) we’ll leave it at that. 

and then we went to el hefe… and beyond.
havin’ a good time with wanna be Mr. T

those blurs are jake and me dancing our pants off.

tequila trims from Mr. T? duh. who needs a dance floor? we’ve got booths.

worth every bit of monday misery. 

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