hunter the frenchie swampin’.

a terabyte is a humungo amount of digital memory. ahead of megabytes & gigabytes – it’s one trillion bytes of storage.

and you know what? it’s named after me. get it? ter-abyte. bad nerdy joke. i know. danny’s so embarrassed.

why? because it’s official. i’m a data hoarder. it’s out of control. my macbook pro is maxed out again and i’ve been spending hours the past couple weeks backing up my files to external hard drives and then backing those up because i’m a byte hog and terrified to lose anything (especially photos and videos which take up 90% of my space).

it’s terrible. and although my iPhoto library is extremely organized, from this point forward i’m vowing to:
a) only keep my edited photos
b) only keep my very favorite edited photos
c) delete. delete. delete.

ugh. this is so hard for me. i love memories, but come on. i do not need 8 different photos of the french crepes we ate on our honeymoon. pick one, teri.

the only good thing about this cumbersome backing-up process is that i’ve come across all kinds of video footage. i’ve been reminded of all the random video footage we have and encouraged to make something of it before i back it up.

get ready for some totally random, mostly crap, but fun little family iMovies to appear on the blog. we’ll start with this one i made last night. it’s of huntie playing in the backyard irrigation or “swamp” as we like to call it. more about that here.

Hunter the French Bulldog Sunday Swampin’ from Teri Bockting on Vimeo.
song credit: Arcade Fire’s “City with no Children”


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