cooking in our new galley kitchen.

after just a week in our new home, we were feeling settled enough to make dinner and spend the night in front of the TV. we’re so over take-out. it’s funny how the novelty of take-out and fast food so quickly wears off when it doesn’t feel like a treat. at least it does for us. after just a few days you can physically feel the difference.
so on monday night for the first time in our new house, we made dinner together. it was nice to get back to an old familiar routine… home from work, cocktails and catching up, making dinner and then coffee table style eating and catching up on our recorded list of TV shows before reading in bed.
we made pesto pasta with spicy chicken sausage and roasted brussells sprouts using a modified version of this recipe (we replaced the pasta with trader joe’s pesto-filled mini ravioli). yum.
and a bonus of the meal was making danny clean-up and put the dishes away so he could “learn where everything goes” since i unpacked the kitchen.

iPad with our recipe on the dining room table

one of my favorite parts of the kitchen. an open nook above the microwave for accessible recipe book storage

i’m also loving having a few glass cuboards
hooray! a gas stove back in my life
a big ‘ole kitchen sink
our delicious and totally sinful meal.


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