heat rant.

i try not to do a whole lot of bitching on my blog, but this is one that really annoys me.
i’d like to apologize to all you non-arizona people who will have to see photos of arizonan’s car temperature gauages, screen grabs of our iPhone weather forecasts and snaps of our outdoor thermoeters from now until september.
a word to all of you who feel the need to showcase our triple digit temps – we get it people, it’s frickin hot.  
and here’s the thing… the people who live in arizona with you FEEL the heat. we know it’s hot. we absolutely do not need your photo to remind us of this. and quite frankly all you’re doing by broadcasting these hellacious temperatures is suggesting to the rest of the world that we’ve picked a terrible place to live. this of course is not true and our winter temperatures rule, but let’s not draw any more negative attention to arizona, okay?
it’s odd because i have plenty of friends in the south and the east coast that are dealing with nasty humidity on top of the heat, but i never see these posts from those people. perhaps arizonans feel like it’s a badge of honor to broadcast our temps to the rest of the world. like a heat battle. maybe at the end of the season we can create an “I Survived An Arizona Summer” t-shirt using a collage of all the “it’s so hot” Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pics & status updates.
that’s my rant and i’m stickin’ to it. and yes, for the record, the extreme heat makes me very cranky.


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