home is where the heart is.

{moving day}

a lot of people have been asking me how i’m doing with the move and leaving our home. there have been a lot of questions. i’m not going to lie… in the beginning, despite danny constantly reminding me that it’s just a house, i had a really hard time wrapping my head around leaving the home we remodeled and loved so much. i was super sad. after some tears, a few good conversations with close friends and family (big thanks to each of you!) to help me see the bigger picture, absolutely falling in love with our new little house and the idea of being downtown, i’m in a much better place and really excited! like for real couldn’t be happier. 
and you know what, i get more than ever now that home truly is where the heart is (dad, aren’t you happy it finally sunk in?). as i packed everything up, i realized that all i’m leaving behind are some walls, windows and flooring. i get to take all my favorite people and things with me to make a new house our home. 

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