little things i’m loving in our new home.

moving is an adjustment and sometimes both d and i feel like we’re losing our minds. currently the #1 phrase in our house is, “hey babe – do you know where is?”and it’s not me asking the question #drivingmecrazy!
we don’t have a spot for our keys. boxes are still unpacked. the cable isn’t working. we have the world’s smallest toilet and a tiny refrigerator. no idea what switch controls what light. i drove right past our house the other night. yup, our routines have been rocked. but it’s all totally worth it and we’re loving our little home. some of my favorite things.
the original glass door knobs throughout the house.

windows. windows & more windows allowing huntie to be part of the willo block watch.

our dining room nook with three perfect windows.
our bedroom. i’m kind of obsessed with it. it’s so cozy and relaxing.
awesome interior light fixtures.
high ceilings, curved hallways & original chandeliers in multiple rooms.
original hardwood floors and a sunken family room.

our lush backyard and paver patio ready for some strung lights and a BBQ.
and so much more…

i’m excited to get even more settled in this weekend, start decorating and have some friends over.


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