the sandbox.

some more photos from our trip to the sandbox, the name of the beach house we stayed at last weekend (more snaps from our trip here). it was so nice to be back on a beach. however, i was reminded why i love beach vacations with my girlfriends and their husbands – because us girls can simply layout, chat & read while the boys entertain themselves with their non-stop activities. why can’t guys just sit still and relax? i was reminded how much i missed having dewey, jake, troy, quinn and the rest of the guys around as i was forced to chase around the crashing kite, untangle and re-launch for ting. next year :) 

 {sitting room with an unbeatable view}
{the dogg and danny picking out some avocados for fresh guac}
 {more fresh fruit}

{there were gorgeous and huuuuge succulents everywhere}

{private beach}

{that girl with jeans on the beach}

{fresh sunflowers on our dining room table all week}

{ting, the kite runner}
{teri, the kite launcher}

{watching the sail boats cruise by}

{dolphin watching}

{post-laying out… afternoon sunshine, wine & a book… 50 Shades of Grey}

{my view while ting did his activities}

{very focused kite flier}

{more reading… those of you who have read 50 Shades understand}

{braid to bun and gettin’ some sun}


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