a river runs through it.

having a home on the water – any water – is awesome. being able to walk out your front door and see, touch and smell the water is so tranquil and convenient. we’re lucky to have that in oregon. we spent last sunday relaxing on my parent’s stretch of the applegate. a different kind of sunday funday, but one we both could get used to.


…watching the ting fish.
dad decided to join him, obviously.
 me doing what i do… takin’ pics.

and d, doing what he does… playing with his technology. ipad obsessed.

mr. scrappy watching danny fish.

fishing hat. fish on his shirt. you think this man likes to fish?

the great debate… avon’s skin so soft, mosquito repellent or placebo? 

me and my bubble butt (holy crap) took over ting’s pole and joined my dad.


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