are we insane? yes.

we’re in the early stages of arizona’s beloved monsoon season. thunderstorms, lighting shows across the desert landscape, cloud cover and rain … it’s a wonderful break from the summer heat. 
this past weekend the temperatures dropped into the double-digits so we decided sunday was our chance to get outside and do something active. for a while, the heat is a fun excuse to be total slugs over the weekend and basically just eat and drink, but after a while of living in the desert without a pool (us), you quickly run out of entertainment options (shopping, movies, eating/drinking, repeat) and eating and drinking all day, every day just isn’t as exciting. so when our iPhones told us it was only 86°, we decided it wasn’t too hot for tennis .
we set off on our great activity adventure, but danny’s dreams were quickly squashed when the first few sets of courts we pulled into were closed – chained up to be exact – which makes sense because what idiots would play tennis in july in phoenix? us.
after driving around for 35 minutes, we were ready to give up hope when we stumbled upon some open courts in bum park – but now it was 96° with 65% humidity.

danny kept telling me to just hit the ball back and forth with him, but i was determined to get a work out in so i was dashing all over the courts, hitting the ball as hard as i could and yelling at danny for not trying harder… and that all came to a screeching hault less than 30 minutes later when my head started pounding, i started to black out and my back broke out in a heat rash. game over. idiot(s).
danny handed me the jug of water, called “the game” and we headed back to the car where i kept my face plastered against the AC before running into our house for a cold shower to get my face and heat-rashed back back to a normal color. i’m bummed now (at the time, i wouldn’t have let a camera near me) that we didn’t get a photo of my insanely red face.
so what did we do after we showered? the only thing arizonans can do in july… we did an impromptu indoor bar crawl in uptown phoenix and proceeded to eat and drink the day away. happy summer!

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