blind pilot sings happy birthday to angela.

not really, but that would have been awesome. in true angela fashion, a week after she blew out her candles, we continued the celebration of her birth when a big ‘ol group of peeps headed to the crescent ballroom on a tuesday night to sway to the sounds of blind pilot, a not-to-miss band touring their second album. the patio was packed with her birthday posse, alicia had cupcakes & cherries in-tow and the PBRs were a flowin’. blind pilot is a ting household favorite in the acoustic guitar / indie folk genre. they’re the perfect band for chill moods and rainy days. 
here’s a fun little tidbit about these awesome dudes… the portland, oregon band completed a bicycle tour in  2008, biking from bellingham, washington to san diego, california carrying their instruments on custom bicycle trailers they fashioned themselves. they made more than two dozen stops along the way to play shows. rad.
{the lovely janette, angela, alicia & camille}
 {an aunt chilada birthday tradition… alicia’s homemade cupcakes at the bar}

{you can always count on angela for a Facebook check-in}
{d&c reacting to a crazy WTF just happened situation + me in my concert solo sway}

{carlyn + anglea… do the Coco}

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