gone country.

i love packing for oregon. it’s pretty simple. shorts. t-shirts. jeans. a hat. a swimsuit. don’t out think it. less is more. danny caught me trying on “outfits” while packing and just stood in the bedroom looking at me like, “really?” to go fishing?” good point. here’s a look inside our weekend on the applegate river. 

mom’s chalkboard and welcome message.

the homestead.

mom showing us around the garden. my dad being annoying with his camera.
super cool wooden windmill.
mom’s wheelbarrow succulent garden.
scrappy keeping an eye on things from upstairs.
a rose bed. get it? duh. bed of roses. duh.
fresh ollalaberries ripe on the vine and ready for pickin’ and eatin’.

us cruising around the local grower’s market with mom.

mom always gets our goat’s milk soap from this vendor. we got to pick out our scents this time.
authentic oregon hippie tie dye & jewelry anyone?

downtown grants pass deli lunch.
fresh raspberry lemonade.

mom’s finger lickin’ good homemade cookin’

ribs. fresh corn on the cob. broccoli salad. strawberry surprise. potatoes. cheesy bread. yuuuum.

can’t beat the view from the porch.

one of the best parts of the weekend was getting to meet scrappy for the first time. my parents recently took scrappy in. he’s about five and had a rough life, but that’s over. he’s now scrappy schramm and we all love him. he’s so good and so sweet. it was love at first sight for danny & me, and we’d totally adopt him. what i didn’t catch on film is scrappy’s smile. when he sees you first thing in the morning or after you’ve just come home, he smiles. its hard to describe, but he really pulls his lips back and grins with his teeth. makes you laugh and melts your heart all at the same time. p.s. nice hair ting.

 ting & mom with their beer in front of her garden’s hops (say it like in superbad)!

 scrappy’s the best fetch player. one paw up means he is ready to go.
aaaaannnddd he’s off!
cruising around the front yard.

the local slice shop, dorman’s pizza parlor… $2 PBR’s and horseshoes. 


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