rockin’ the rogue river.

nothing beats fresh country air and we got a whole lot of it last weekend up at my parent’s place in southern oregon. the trees. the mountain air. the water. the home cookin’. the animal sounds. the 10 p.m. sunsets. the comfort of family… soothing for the soul. we love it. each time we’re up there we’re already planning our next trip back. 
our visit kicked off bright and early with a 4:45 a.m. wake up call to hit the rogue river for a full-day salmon fishing trip with my dad and our private guide, geoff. we had some big bites and danny fought a monster salmon for a while, but unfortunately we didn’t have a salmon feast for dinner that night. our fish were a little different from the one my little brother caught with geoff and my dad a last year (here). still such a memorable day… next time.

for most of the morning we had the river to ourselves.

i love this snap. danny’s looking and laughing at my dad. 

time stamp of this photo: maybe 6:30 a.m. and already into the cool ranch doritos. that’s my dan! 

blurry, but i love this face. fighting a big ass salmon.

the rod totally bent and he’s reeling in!

geoff and bill watching

the fisher three.

as the day went on, the sun came out and the layers came off.

me showing you how big my fish was…. it was thiiiiiiiiiiis big.
well, no. actually it was this big.

yuuuum. salmon eggs and shrimp.

dad watching danny’s “one, two, threeeeeee” technique. i thought bill was going to lose it.

my dad’s country girl.
thanks for an awesome day, dad. 
tons of laughs, memories and classic fish stories.
but most importantly, geoff now has a title for his book, “where do salmon eggs come from?”


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