where’s the puppy under the table when you need them?

now i get why there’s always a big giant mess under kid’s highchairs at restaurants…
we had lunch with makaela last weekend. it all makes sense now.
at just 16-months the little lady is miss independent and uses a fork to feed herself,
but that doesn’t come without some misses – especially when rice is involved.
the best part was when she decided to dip her fork into my moo shu pork plum sauce.  
she took a big ol’ taste which was followed by a spit and a sour face.
she’s such a doll and a very good girl. love this little lady.
unplanned, ladies all in red for lunch.

unintentional flinging all over the place.

miss serious.
mimz and joe pa are in seventh heaven this week.
they have little girl allll to themselves while makaela’s mom has some girl time in chicago.
everyone wins.


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