bike ride to matt’s big breakfast.

on saturday morning danny got an intense craving for “a traditional breakfast with hash browns.” not potatoes — hash browns. okaaayyy. so we jumped on our bikes and headed to the famous matt’s big breakfast to get him his shredded potato fix. during the wait  (there’s always a wait thanks to multiple appearances on the Food Network, etc.), we checked out the downtown farmer’s market.
puppy checkin’ out the morning loot.
a must: misters. lots of misters.
a few of the phoenix food trucks.
matt’s big breakfast
{big wait // little restaurant}
that brick box is the whole restaurant.
cruising with our homemade iced coffees.
waiting in the shade.
teeny tiny diner.
anxiously awaiting his hash browns…

… which did not disappoint.
dig in, d.
the ride home


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