jenny’s bachelorette // NIGHT one.

following our pool time, we got ready for the first evening’s festivities. catered dinner & cocktails in the suite. a lingerie shower. dancing and playing games until security showed up ;) a night out at Ghostbar all of us sparkling in metallic sequins. endless memories from this night.
let’s get this party started! poor thing had to stuff napkins in her arm holes b/c the sequins were scratching.
that’s our bride-to-be!
jenny and ashley… and willy. we had a little photoshoot… most of which will remain secret.
the bride with tone – the night’s VIP… guys, gambling, greasy food & planking at 5:30 a.m.
sequins! sequins! sequins!
lingerie shower and a disco ball… duh.
so fun to spoil each bride with lacy little things.
“lean on me”
on the rooftop at The Palms’ Ghostbar.
amazing views from the outdoor bar.
little breezy post-rap. right, meister?
a few of us decided to check out Rain Nightclub at The Palms. step & repeat, obviously.
of course colby managed to immediately find TWO giant foam glowsticks.
back to Ghostbar… let the dance battling begin! colby: challenge accepted!
colby vs. special k
pretty sure lindsey & ashley think colbs and i are craaaazy
tone & wyoming… a total hottie.

we don’t stop dancing till the end.
a word to the wise: do NOT try get on a moving escalator barefoot. five girls learned that the hard way.


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