jenny’s bachelorette // the last six standing.

for those of you who love bachelorette party posts… i’m sorry to tell you this is the last one from jenny’s fabulous party. for those of you who are totally over them, well, this is the last bit of ridickulousness you have to endure.

on monday morning – yes, monday – the final six of us gathered in the bride’s bed to talk about plans for the day. it went something like this:

me: “so what do you want to do today? we could go to the pool? have some cocktails?”

jenny: “or we could go to the strip.”

me: (in the most sarcastic voice) “seriously? you really wanna get a yardstick and cruise around the strip?”

jenny: (in all seriousness) “um, yeah… kinda.”

alright, the strip it is! we showered the last bits of encore beach club and temporary tattoos off our skin, tore down the inappropriate bachelorette decor, packed up the disco ball (oh, and in the process i managed to severely burn my leg on a curling iron), and we were off to the strip!

there were shots before noon, use of the pink paddle, the world’s biggest party foul (resulting in two enormous yardsticks), and a trip to the carnival court – literally the cherry on top of the weekend. cherry with whipped cream that is – wink. wink.

we started at the cosmo for lunch & cocktails.
on the hunt for the world’s largest yardstick…
pretty in pink & so excited!
success! for a few seconds…
…the damn “cross body” yardstick strap busted.
jenny got spanked by the pervy security guard for her giant spill.
aaaannnnd she’s back!
twisting around the yardstick.
at carnival court… bartender tricks!
squirrel pound shots for shmer!
jenny! we love you girl.
hope your pre-dewey retro & raunch bach bash was everything you dreamed of and more!


  • Reply August 23, 2012

    Jenny F.

    most amazing weekend ever. was beyond everything i could dream of and more. love you girl!

  • Reply August 24, 2012


    so glad we listened to mrs. dewey’s suggestion and cruised the strip. lots of paddling, spinning and boozing. so much fun.

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